Diacon IGR-Liter Bottle


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For problematic infestations, such as rice weevils, give the tank mix a boost with Diacon Plus.

The Pipernoyl Butoxide in PBO-8 synergizes the Deltamethrin in Centynal Insecticide by blocking the weevil’s ability to produce the mixed-function oxidaze enzymes that metabolize insecticides. Add PBO-8 Synergist to your tank mix for an added boost of control power, with increased knockdown and flushing action. Read the label carefully before applying.

Tank Mix Benefits: control from larva to adult, active prevention of reinfestations, one process to control stored product insects, profit protection, versatile application options, and protection for extended storage periods.

Product Specs

Labeled for all stored commodities.
The active ingredient (S)-methoprene.
Approved for use in grain storage facilities, including but not limited to food processors, feed mills, pet food manufacturing, and wild bird feed.
Apply directly to grain stream.
Apply as a fogging concentrate or a surface spray.
Dilute with oil or water.

Product Info

Diacon IGR and Centynal Insecticide and add PBO-8 Synergist.

PROTECTING STORED GRAIN IGRs are an effective, long-lasting strategy and another tool for controlling insect infestations in grain facilities.

A versatile liquid formulation that is excellent for control of lesser grain borers, Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles and other stored product insects.