Storgard Dome Quick Change ULTRA-COMBI- 6 traps+lures


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The insect is attracted to the pheromone and kairomone inside the DOME. Once inside the DOME, the beetle is then captured.

The new STORGARD® QUICK-CHANGE™ DOME™ systems have been carefully “tuned” to manage and control the release of each pheromone and kairomone compound. This ensures optimized predictable insect capture. Each system enhances precision targeting of key insects while providing broad spectrum capture of less evident, but important, insects. The systems also allow optimum flexibility to install, maintain and service while enjoying LONG-LIFE™ Broad Spectrum™ attraction.

Precision targeted for Confused & Red Flour Beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Khapra & Warehouse Beetles, and attracts 25 other Stored Product Insects.