CIDETRAK® IMM-Package-36 dispensers




A new spin in integrated pest management for stored products.

The new CIDETRAK® IMM Dispenser Technology provides a 3-way effect on mating that dramatically reduces larvae and damage to stored goods.

CIDETRAK® IMM works with a reduced insecticide program, depending on insect abundance, to provide a continuous preventative strategy. Over time, our dispenser is often more effective than insecticides and is completely non-toxic (EPA CFR 40 Approved).

Benefits: • Reduces or eliminates reproduction • False trail following, trail masking and antennal overload • Cost effective insect management
• One easy application, economical • 24-7 results • Flexible and effective for sensitive users • Less interruption from plant shutdowns for insect control • Reduced worker and consumer concerns • Less interruption, labor cost savings, less residue

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 9 in

How To Use

CIDETRAK Installation:
• Install CIDETRAK IMM in retail areas between shelves at apex, or top, of shelves out of the way of equipment and personnel at a rate not to exceed 1 dispenser per 3,531 ft3 or 1 MESO dispenser per 14,124 ft3.
• Install CIDETRAK IMM in warehouse/storage area at a rate of 1 dispenser per 3,531 ft3 or 1 MESO dispenser per 14,124 ft3. (L x W x H). It is best to divide the total area by the number of total dispensers and install at equal distances.
• For best effect place more dispensers around the most susceptible commodities, open packages and doorways and use fewer dispensers in less susceptible areas such as hardware and non-food items.
• Continue to monitor traps year round.
• Reduced or no trap captures indicate effective control of IMM.
• In height of summer, trap capture may increase slightly. Always read and follow the label.